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When Traditional Medicine Fails, Your Guide to Mold ToxinsWhen Traditional Medicine Fails, Your Guide to Mold Toxins
by James Schaller, M.D., C.M.R. & Gary Rosen, Ph.D., C.I.E.
The latest medical science shows 1 in 4 children are sensitive to low levels of mold toxins. Is your child one of these? This book clearly explains how even small amounts of hidden indoor mold-produced biotoxins can subtly impact youth behavior, emotions, health and learning. They offer solutions based on the latest medical and scientific research that work for both bodies and buildings…restoring quality of life to children and parents. 150 pages, quick and easy to read.
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The Mold Survival Guide: For Your Home and for Your HealthThe Mold Survival Guide: For Your Home and for Your Health
by Jeffrey C. May & Connie L. May
Professional home inspector Jeff May and his writer spouse Connie give a good introduction to mold problems in buildings, particularly homes. They explain where and why it flourishes in homes, and offer advice on how to eradicate mold while minimizing health risks. The book includes a chapter by two physicians who explain how exposure to mold can affect health.
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MOLD: The War WithinMOLD: The War Within
by Kurt and Lee Ann Billings
Revealing interviews with prominent experts on mold and chemical related issues including: Effects of mold & chemical exposures on human health; Methods of mold testing; Dangers of antifungal; antibiotic, & steroid pharmaceuticals; Legal loopholes of mold cases, Healing through natural means. The authors began researching mold and chemical exposures after their family became gravely ill from toxic Katrina exposures. The Billings expose the prevalence of fungal misdiagnoses and medical mistreatments while chronicling their family’s frustrating, but ultimately successful, quest for effective treatment of mold and chemical exposures from Hurricane Katrina. They detail their months of research and trials and errors and share their inspirational journey of healing, what worked medically and nutritionally for them what didn’t and why.
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Surviving Toxic Black Mold SyndromeSurviving Toxic Black Mold Syndrome
by Mary Beth Short-Ray M.S. D.O.
A chilling account of a doctor’s personal encounter with toxic black mold and its devastating effects. Dr. Short-Ray gives valuable step-by-step advice on how to recognize the symptoms of toxic black mold syndrome, what tests can be used to diagnose this syndrome, how to test a building for toxic black mold, how to successfully treat toxic black mold syndrome, and how to fix toxic mold problems in the home.
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Mold Illness and Mold Remediation Made SimplMold Illness and Mold Remediation Made Simple (Discount Black & White Edition): Removing Mold Toxins from Bodies and Sick Buildings
by James Schaller
Just as the title promises…a clear and informative introduction to mold toxicity and building remediation. Personally, this is the book that opened my eyes to the extent of mold illness and its symptoms. It contains a ton of useful information and is to the point. 150 pages, Quick & easy to read.
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Mold WarriersMold Warriers
By Ritchie C. Shoemaker
The first book that brought together the truths that underlies the struggle of patients made ill by toxin-forming mold growing in water-damaged buildings to regain their health and their lives. This is a large book (640 pages and 25 chapters) that is based on Dr. Shoemakers experience and research with his patients over the years. It contains numerous case studies from patient’s diagnosis and treatments. However, this book only include Dr. Shoemaker’s treatment protocols which are based on prescribing Cholestyramine, and neglect other treatments available.
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About Mold Detection and Mold Remediation

Locating Hidden Toxic MoldLocating Hidden Toxic Mold: Revised Edition
by Gary Rosen Ph.D
What you need to know before hiring a mold investigator or buying real estate. Written by Dr. Gary Rosen, one of the country’s leading authorities on mold testing and remediation, this is the first complete home owner’s/home buyer’s guide to dealing with the important subject of locating hidden mold. Advice is given on how to correctly “do it yourself” for small to medium size jobs. And for larger or complex jobs, what to look for in a mold assessor / investigator; and what you need to know to make sure the job is done right.
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Mold & Mold Toxin RemediationMold & Mold Toxin Remediation
by Gary Rosen Ph.D
A home owner’s/home buyer’s guide to dealing with mold and mold toxin remediation. Clear and easy to follow. What you need to know to: 1. Restore a home to “good as new” healthy condition; 2. Submit a successful mold claim to insurance providers so they (and not you) pay for the work. Significant emphasis is placed on how to correctly “do it yourself” for small to medium size jobs. And for larger jobs, what to look for in a mold contractor; and what you need to know to make sure the job is done right. If your mold remediation contractor does not handle the remediation right, they may leave your home contaminated with mold.
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