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Are energy efficient homes making us ILL? Toxic mould caused by poor air circulation could trigger ‘sick building syndrome’
DailyMail, Feb 18, 2014. Energy efficient buildings are an important part of tackling the world’s energy crisis. But while these structures can keep draughts out, they also have a hidden threat lurking within. Deep within their crevices and corners, green buildings are susceptible to trapping humid air in which toxic mould can spread.

Mold, mice and zip codes: Inside the childhood asthma epidemic
NBC News, Jan 3, 2014. Rossana de la Cuadra has had mold in the bathroom of the apartment on and off for most of the 14 years that she’s lived there. She believes the mold may be a contributing factor to her 6-year old daughter Amanda’s asthma. Rossana de la Cuadra and Jose Santos are fighting their landlord to provide an asthma-safe environment for their sick daughter.

NYC Housing Authority to come under judicial oversight over mold in apartments
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, Dec 16, 2013. The City Housing Authority is about to come under judicial oversight to erase one of its worst plagues — creeping mold in aging apartments. The city signed off on a consent decree Monday that will give a federal judge the ability to ensure the New York City Housing Authority finally eradicates the longstanding and dangerous condition. The federal court intervention is seen as a game-changer in the battle to reform NYCHA’s inability to tackle an issue that affects hundreds of tenants citywide.

Chobani recalls some yogurt lots for mold, illness reports
CBS NEWS, Sept 5,2013. Chobani, a popular brand of Greek yogurt, recalled some of its products following reports of mold in containers and illnesses in customers. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says some molds on foods can cause allergic and respiratory infections, while a few molds can produce so-called “mycotoxins,” poisonous substances that make people feel sick.

Rossen Reports: Are mold contractors charging for unneeded work?
NBC News Today, May 4, 2012. It can be scary, finding mold in your home. So when you see black spots, you call a mold contractor. But experts say some of those companies are profiting off our worst fears, charging you big bucks for repairs you don’t need. TODAY National Investigative Correspondent Jeff Rossen went undercover with hidden cameras to put them to the test.

Mold Threatens Baby Izaiah’s Recovery
NBC San Diego, Sept 28, 2011. WATCH VIDEO. Izaiah Wallis was riding in his stroller last October when he was struck by a teenage drunk driver. Since then, he’s undergone countless surgeries and spent months in intensive care. Now, his family has been forced from their home because potentially toxic mold has been discovered inside the bathroom area.

Five Bathroom Hazards to Know
ABC News, July 13, 2009. This article talks about the hazards of Toxic Mold, Chemicals in Shampoos, Shower Curtain Vapors, Toilet Germs, and Bathtub Slips & Falls. Dr. Hale Yarmohammadii, an allergy and asthma specialist at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, said that mold can wreak havoc in two different ways. “One is an allergic reaction, but not everyone gets this,” she said. “And the other problem results from the toxins that mold secretes.”

The Toxic Mold and the Hidden Room: A Homeowner’s Nightmare
ABC News, Jan 8, 2008. This article chronicles the story of a young couple with a 2-year old daughter, whose first home contains a deadly surprise. Yep, toxic mold. The previous owner was nice to leave them a secret warning note. The note was the starting point in a long saga for the Browns, complete with hidden histories and lengthy legal complaints. And it served as a wake-up call to all the parties about the potential dangers of toxic mold, which has been shown to have damaging effects to the respiratory systems of young children.

Toxic mold spreading through soggy South
NBC News, Sept 27, 2005. After Hurricane Katrina, stormed-ravaged homeowners face health dangers from creeping fungus. In fact, New Orleans is where mold’s health risks were first recognized. A Louisiana State University allergist, the late Dr. John Salvaggio, described at medical meetings in the 1970s what he called “New Orleans asthma,” an illness that filled hospital emergency rooms each fall with people who couldn’t breathe. He linked it to high levels of mold spores that appeared in the humid, late summer months.

Is Hidden Mold at Home Making You Sick?
ABC News, March 23, 2004. Modern building materials like wood, drywall, wallpaper and fabric are appealing food sources for mold, while building technologies such as synthetic stucco can leak and trap moisture inside. Home appliances including clothes dryers and dishwashers also generate water vapor, again creating the type of environment that mold can thrive on.

Insurers Worry About Toxic Mold
ABC News, June 26, 2001. More and more homeowners are filing insurance claims and lawsuits over toxic mold, and insurance companies are worried the claims could overwhelm them. “The insurance companies thought the asbestos problem was enormous, and this is going to make that look small,” said Jeff Greene, a public insurance adjuster.

Toxic Intruder Has Families Fleeing Homes
ABC News, Nov 29. Believe it or not, families around the country are fleeing their homes — or having them destroyed — because of an insidious intruder they say is making them sick. The invader? Black mold. Its technical name is Stachybotrys chartarum — stachy for short — and it’s got a lot of people panicked.

Toxic Mold: How to Avoid It
ABC News, May 9. Tips from the EPA for preventing and cleaning mold at home.

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Dr. Elizabeth Vaughan is interviewed by Melissa Painter (Fox WGHP)

The Dan Pauluk Case

Dan Pauluk, an employee of the Southern Nevada Health District contracted and eventually died due to black mold, that was discovered, tested, and confirmed to be active at the agency’s offices. Pauluk’s widow also contracted the condition, and is seeking representation in a wrongful death case against the state agency.
> Author Leigh Kimball describes the case of Dan Pauluk in a great YouTube video.News Coverage on this Story

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