If there is a serious mold issue in your home, you shouldn’t be living there until it is properly remediated and retested. Having to move out of your home, even temporarily, is frustrating and overwhelming. The more you can limit going back in your house, the better…as every time you go there, you are re-exposing your body to mold and biotoxins.

Here’s a checklist of things to take with you. Remember, you may be out of your home longer than you expect, so keep that in mind when you decide what to bring.

  • Basic Clothing
    • Take enough basics to last you a few months
    • It will be a little like camping and you probably can’t bring everything, so pick wisely. If it is summer, a cute pair of flat sandals and/or heels you can wear with anything. A purse that goes with everything.
    • Think about having at least one dressy outfit, a couple outfits for work, and a couple of casual outfits. Items that are interchangeable. A pair of yoga pants and workout clothes.
    • Think about seasonal clothing if a change in seasons is near. If it is the summer, you may want to grab a few sweaters, a jacket and some good shoes that would be warm as days and nights get cooler.
  • Jewelry
  • Basic Toiletries
    Think about what you use day-to-day. Grab your shampoo, lotion, makeup.
  • Small Electronics & Phone Charger
    Hair dryer, curling iron, steam iron, phone charger.
  • Extra Checks
  • Medications & First Aid Items
  • Important Papers & Account Numbers
    This might include insurance papers, your will, passports or birth certificates. Bring account numbers and any information you may need to pay your bills. Think about any bills that may come up annually that you won’t want to forget.
  • Medical Records
    It is likely that you will be search for a doctor and getting medical treatment after moving out of your house. Doctors require long medical history forms to be filled out and you will need your medical records to complete them.
  • Tax Information
    If you are still away from home when tax time hits, you will need all your tax records to file your tax returns.
  • Computer & Backup Drive

Remember, everything you take from your home will need to be wiped down and cleaned. ┬áIf you can’t clean things before you put them in the car, you may want to put things in trash bags before you put them in your car. That way, they don’t contaminate the car and you can clean them as you have the time or facilities to do so.

For paper items, you may need to store in plastic ziplock bags. Or, if you can, take to a local copy center to make copies.

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