Finding the Right Doctor

Finding the right doctor is important. It can often be a challenging process because there are few doctors in the US that are trained in mold toxicity, but it is worth it.

Working with a doctor that has experience with mold toxicity might be more expensive than most, or you may have to travel to get to him/her, but in the long run you are likely to save because you won’t waste money going to the wrong doctors and your recovery won’t be further delayed.

Which Doctor is the Best Doctor for You?

Start by calling around to these types of doctors to see if they have any experience or awareness of mold toxicity:

• Environmental Physician. Check with schools like Tufts University that have environmental programs.
• General Practitioner with detox/mold illness experience or holistic philosophies
• Homeopath Doctor
• Naturopathic Physician
• Integrative Physician
• Natural Medicine

Be sure to ask lots of questions. As you find out about the doctors philosophy and treatment style, you’ll start to figure out which one is best for you.

Not sure what to ask? Check out our 9 Questions to Ask The Doctors article.

It Might Take Working with Multiple Doctors

Mold toxicity takes such a toll on the body, sometimes a doctor’s treatment is sufficient to make a noticeable improvement in your heath but it might not be enough to get you completely back to where you were before. After you work with a doctor, you might end up switching to another doctor or healing modality to get to the point that you really feel well again. This could be another physician, or…an acupuncturist, herbalist or chiropractor.

A Healthier Lifestyle & Environment

Unfortunately, mold toxicity can open your body up to a higher level of sensitivity, and possibly leave you with chemical sensitivity. While you should be able to regain your health to a level similar to what you had before, this may be a healing journey that may continue the rest of your life. You will have be aware of your environment and do what you can to make sure it is a healthy one. If you are re-exposed, you may require detox treatments for while to bring your body back into a fuller state of health.

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