Mold in Schools, University and College Dorms

New Jersey to rebuild decaying Trenton Central High School
NBC News, Jan 23, 2014. A crumbling Trenton, N.J., high school in the shadows of the state capital has been terminally ill for years. Old pipes that leak in the walls, asbestos, mold and warped floors plague its 82-year-old bones. Repeated attempts to revive and rehabilitate the school have failed. How can anyone learn in a toxic environment?

Student housing: why you should wait to sign
The Telegraph, Nov 5 2013. Dampness is endemic in student houses. Sarah White, medical student at the University of Liverpool, rented ‘a house so damp the ceiling collapsed’ while Ewa Ciszek, discovered her back door ‘had big gaps so when it rained, it rained into the house … the bed and my shoes went blue with mould.’ The signs of damp are black mould marks, rotting skirting boards, peeling paint and wallpaper and crumbling plaster. Watch out for brown water marks too – they could be a sign of a previous leak. Pay particular attention to window sills for moisture and excessive condensation too.

School Still Open Despite Mold in Building
NBC Philadephia, Nov 6, 2013: WATCH VIDEO. Outraged parents gathered outside a South Jersey elementary school on Wednesday claiming their children are not safe because of mold found inside the building. Last August, mold was found inside the Drum Point Elementary School in Brick Township. The school remained open with remediation work being done on weekends however. Officials claimed testing revealed that the mold was not toxic or unsafe.

University of Louisville: Dorm mold being blamed on wooden wardrobes, Jul 26, 2013. University of Louisville staff members are trashing wooden wardrobes believed to be the cause of mold found in three dormitories. No students or visitors are occupying Threlkeld Hall, where mold was found a couple of weeks ago during a routine inspection of its 260 residential rooms, university spokesperson Cindy Hess said. That prompted university staff to check other dorms, finding mold in Miller Hall and Unitas Tower.

Mold found in U of L dorm; students told to move out, Oct 11, 2012. University of Louisville students living in one of the oldest residence halls on campus got abrupt notices to move out Wednesday after high levels of mold spores were found.

St. Mary’s College of Maryland: Staterooms, Not Dorms, All Thanks to Mold
New York Times, Nov 14, 2011. Since the 286-foot Sea Voyager docked last Sunday at a city pier just off campus, it has attracted a stream of curious students and visitors to the waterfront, where it towers over the Maryland Dove, a replica of an 87-foot schooner that brought settlers from Europe in the 17th century. After a series of delays, students moved in last week and will complete the semester aboard the ship while crews clean their dormitories on land.

St. Mary’s College of Maryland: Mold Still a Problem
in Dorms on the Hill — Mold, Moisture, and Moving out of the dorms

The Point News, Oct 18, 2011. Students met with Deans and Directors to discuss lingering mold problems.

St. Mary’s College of Maryland: Mold Forces Students Out Of Dorms, Into Cruise Ship
NBC News Ch2,, Oct 2011. VIDEO: An outbreak of mold has infested two dormitories at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, forcing 350 students to move off-campus.

UMass combats mold in dorms
Herald News, Sept 15, 2009. An unusually damp summer caused mold growth inside two residential complexes at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, which required an aggressive cleanup after the mold was discovered two weeks before the start of the semester.

Catholic University: Eight of Eighteen Dorms Contaminated With Mold
The Tower, An Independent Student Newspaper, Sept 12, 2003 Students living in Centennial Village are claiming that mold in their dorms is making them sick. Mold has been found in some CV dorms for the second year in a row.

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