TV Shows Featuring Mold


The Dr. Oz Show, Your Home’s Toxic Zones, Pt. 1 (July 03, 2009)
It’s your sanctuary from the outside world, but would you know if your home sweet home was making you sick? Dr. Oz welcomes contractor Mike Holmes to reveal the 4 most toxic rooms in your house. Zones 1 and 2 are the bathroom, which can harbor hazardous mold, and the family room, where lead paint can threaten the health of your family. Learn how to detect potential toxins in your home – and how to eliminate them.

The Doctors, Toxic Mold Dr. Travis Stork details how mold spores affect the human body.
The Doctors, Toxic Mold in Food Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears answers a tweet from Makayla, who asks whether it’s true that cake, pancake or brownie mixes can develop toxic mold.

Just for Fun — Mold Illness/Mold Toxicity Featured in TV Series

Royal Pains, Season 5, Episode 6 (7/24/13) — “Can of Worms”
Divya’s neighbor is diagnosed with an ailment that hits close to home for Divya. A little boy was having nosebleeds and a cronic cough. Dr. Sacani diagnoses it after smelling the mold in the room. When he peeled back the carpet, he found black mold.

Drop Dead Diva, Season 2, Episode 9 (8/8/2010) — “Last Year’s Model”
Grayson takes on a real estate case where his clients claim their house is haunted. Grayson visits to the house gave him hallucinations of talking to the “ghost” of his deceased ex-finance Deb. The discovery of black mold made it all become clear.

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